Awesome Moisture Cream

Awesome Moisture Cream

Winter is here and for many people that can mean extra dry skin. Give your face a blast of moisture this season with an all-natural and wonderfully rich cream that will provide dry and maturing skin with the moisturizing nutrients it craves. This moisturizer works great as a night cream for those who are prone dry skin all year round.


Makes 150ml/5.3fl.oz.


      Essential oils to try:

10 drops “Renew Skin” Essential oil blend or 10 drops “Clear Skin” essential oil blend

1) Make an infusion: Pour boiled water over herbs—allow steeping for 15 minutes. Strain and set liquid aside to cool.

2) Combine Face Rich oil with Soy blend wax and gently heat on medium heat until wax has melted. Remove from heat. * Use stainless steel pots only. Or microwavable glass container

3) To the melted oils and wax add the remaining ingredients in a steady stream while beating. Beat all ingredients until creamy and smooth.

4) Allow cream to cool before adding essential oils and packaging. Shelf life approximately: 6 months. Store in cool dark place.