Germ Away Liquid Hand Soap

Germ Away Liquid Hand Soap

Makes: approximately 500ml/16fl.oz.

Part 1

1 tbsp of your *favourite herb

1 tbsp Yucca root

100ml distilled water

Boil water and infuse herbs for 15-20 minutes. Strain herbs set liquid aside. Add 2 tbsp Vegetable Glycerin to herbal infusion.

 Part 2

100 gram bar Cranberry Lane’s “Plain Jane” shampoo bar (or use Cranberry Lane’s Shampoo refill kit to make bars from scratch)

Note there is no curing time for bars that will be turned into liquid, they can be process when they are removed from the mould.

400 ml of water (You can use less water for a more concentrated soap)

Grate shampoo bar and add to water. Bring to boil, then on low until all pieces of shampoo bar have dissolved.

Part 3

Add liquid shampoo to strained herbal infusion. Add 25 drops Home Free Essential oil blend.

Use and storage: Stored in a cool dry location shelf life of liquid soap is approximately 1 year.