Green Tea & Rose Facial Lotion

Green Tea & Rose Facial Lotion

Looking for an all-natural, lightweight lotion that will keep your face feeling hydrated and fresh? Look no further. Our Green Tea and Rosewater facial lotion— which are full of antioxidants—is perfect for wearing on it’s own or under makeup. It is the ideal daytime moisturizer.

To make your own Sunscreen see Make-it-yourself Tip section on Sun protection.


Makes 150ml/5.3fl.oz.


*You can substitute various floral waters or use the same amount of herbal infusion

**You can substitute Face Rich oil Blend for a more moisturizing lotion

Essential oils to try: 10 drops “Renew Skin” Essential oil blend 10 drops “Clear Skin” essential oil blend

1) Make an infusion: Pour boiled water over herbs—allow steeping for 15 minutes. Strain and set liquid aside to cool.

2) Combine Oil blend with Soy blend wax and gently heat on medium heat until wax has melted. Remove from heat. * Use stainless steel pots only. Or microwavable glass container

3) To the melted oils and wax add the remaining ingredients in a steady stream while beating. Beat all ingredients until creamy and smooth.

4) Allow cream to cool before adding essential oils and packaging. Shelf life approximately: 6 months. Store in cool dark place.

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