Hawaiian Escape Coconut Soap Bar

Hawaiian Escape Coconut Soap Bar

Makes approx. 12 x 100 gr bar of soap


935 g Coconut Oil

137 g Lye

356 g Water

1 1/2 tsp Hawaiian Escape Essential Oil Blend

2 x 6 Cavity Soap Molds


Stainless steel mixing bowl with 2 L capacity

Stainless steel pot for melting oils if using Stove Method 

Long handled wooden spoon, spatulas

Stick blender

Pyrex Cups 

Rubber gloves


Digital Scale


Stove Method: Gently heat oils using stainless steel pot on stove. 

Microwave method: Use a pyrex cup, microwave oils for 1 min on high, and use 20 s intervals after, until temperature has reached 150 F or 65 C.

In a pyrex cup, add water, then slowly add lye while mixing gently with a long handled wooden spoon. Take care not to breathe the vapour. Mix until the mixture is clear. Let cool to 150 F or 65.

Pour hot oil into a large stainless steel mixing bowl. When both oil and lye mixture has reached the above temperatures, slowly pour the lye mixture into the oil mixture. Use stick blender and star mixing.

Continue to stir with the blender until the soap has traced. To check whether the soap is ready, using a spatula, drizzle a small amount of soap across the top of the mixture. If a mark or trail remains for a few seconds before disappearing again, your soap has traced. The mixture will have the consistency of custard or pudding before being poured.

Soap "traces"

After the soap traces, add the essential oils, mix, and pour into moulds.

When the soaps has harden completely, pop them out of the molds. Place bars on a tray with about 1 inch of space in between. Allow them to cure for several days before packaging.

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