Moisturizing All-Purpose Lotion Stick

Moisturizing All-Purpose Lotion Stick

Makes 10 Push-Up Tubes


Cocoa butter or Shea butter lotion base

Your Favorite Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend

Push-Up Tubes

1) Place container of lotion bar base in a warm water bath or microwave on low for 30 second intervals until material becomes soft.

2) Pour or scoop entire lotion bar base into a stainless steel pot or use glass microwavable measuring cup. Heat gently on low until material melts and becomes clear.

3) Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly (the mixture will become slightly cloudy). Stir to blend and add essential oils (approx 25 drops per 100ml) or other additives while stirring.

4) Pour into twist up or push up (deodorant style) container or plastic moulds and allow to cool. If using a mould, allow lotion bar to cool completely prior to removing. For best shelf life store in cool dark place. Shelf life for finished product is approximately 6 months