Skin Glow Sea Salt Scrub

Skin Glow Sea Salt Scrub

Makes One Body Treatment


½ cup Fine Sea Salt or Dead Sea salt

4 Tbsp (60ml) Grapeseed Oil (if used immediately) or Vegetable Glycerin (for longer shelf life)

¼ cup Baking Soda

5-6 drops of Essential oil

Suggested Cranberry Lane Essential oil blends: Detox , Balance, or Renew skin Essential oil blend


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

To use: Standing in bath tub, wet hands and apply mixture, (using small circular motion) starting with feet and work upwards towards the neck (do not apply to neck area). Fill bath tub with warm water and add essential oils. Relax for at least 15 minutes allowing skin to absorb ingredients.

Optional ingredients:

Green Tea Extract: Excellent antioxidant properties. Add 20ml per treatment